Who Is The Pioneer of CSA in Nova Scotia?

wild rose bag

What is CSA?

CSA – Community Supported or Shared Agriculture.

It works based on the belief in sustainable local food supply system.

Committed consumers pay the farmer for the season in advance, which allows him/her to plan for the seasonal production. In exchange the consumers, known as CSA ‘shareholders’, get a weekly or bi-weekly basket of seasonable produce from the farm.

Reference – What is CSA?


This community based, supportive and sustainable system is quite popular today.

In Nova Scotia, currently there are over 30 vegetable CSAs and many of them are targeting the city dwellers.

Reference – A complete list of CSA in Nova Scotia (last updated in Feb. 2017).


How did it start in Digby area?

This seemingly urban related program started in the USA in 1980s and came to Nova Scotia later.

About 12 years ago Gilberte and Siegmer Doelle, the owners of Wild Rose Farm in Gilbert’s Cove, were introduced to one of the first Nova Scotia CSA farmers.

They learned how it worked from her and started their own CSA when very few others were interested in it.


Did you know the pioneer was in Digby area?

The lady who taught them about CSA retired.

Since then, Wild Rose Farm has been one of the leading CSA farms in Nova Scotia. They are one of the CSA pioneers in Nova Scotia!

This is their 11th year since they started CSA. And finally the market is catching up with them in the recent health conscious movement.


What’s in the CSA basket?

wild rose csa contents

In the first basket of this spring, there were:

  • salad green mix
  • lettuce
  • asparagus
  • bok choi (Chinese greens)
  • green onions
  • rhubarb
  • dry beans


It costs $21 per week ($296.25 for the season, as of the date of May 1, 2017).

  • All  produce certified organic
  • Freshly harvested
  • Everything in the season

I truly feel it is a bargain for the quality.

And on the top of it, you support the local business and sustainable community.



Wild Rose Farm will be at the Digby Area 2nd Multicultural Festival on June 7, 2017.

Come and learn more about our local food producer.

You can learn more on their Facebook page, too.



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